“She is my favorite yoga teacher”

“My husband and I are what might be referred to as “mature adults” and we have discovered the joy of yoga with Samantha. We found that Samantha is an excellent teacher because she is encouraging and knowledgeable.  Her instruction ability is coupled with an unmistakable loving desire to always tease out the best we have to give to ourselves in any particular class. I feel that I can detach myself from self-judgement and always leave my mat with exhilaration and peace.  My husband always remarks on how good he feels as well. We love Samantha and always look forward to her classes.” - R.H. & M.H.

“I don’t think I’ll ever find another instructor like her.”

“Samantha is an amazing yoga instructor. She has taught me so much about how to perfect my breathing and my flows. I feel so confident in her classes and she always encourages me to listen to my body - something I feel like a lot of instructors overlook. 

She also often incorporates essential oils & head massages into her classes which make them that much better. I love her and I don’t think I’ll ever find another instructor like her.”

— K.H.


“Samantha was AMAZING!”

“Samantha was AMAZING! She came early, she had all the gear for us, and taught a great class. We had 14 ladies who absolutely loved it. If we lived here we would definitely come back :) thanks for everything!!!”

Moira, Bachelorette Party



“I would like to love my life and help you love yours.” - Samantha